Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New Project: 2011 GO!

2011 Brings with it a bunch of new projects I want to work on. Some paintings, drawings, a childrens book in the works, and a possible move to the South. So with that I bring you my first character concept sketch(es) of my newest endeavor "Who needs bears?". I got a commission to do the art and design for a childrens book for a non profit organization: Jayme's Fund . The book is about 32 pages in length and is about a small girl or sprite like creature who is building bears in her workshop and wants to know where they are going. The story is loosely based on Jayme (the names sake of Jayme's fund) who started a similar project for sick kids in the community and made bears for them in her spare time. The thought for the book is that it will be paired with a small home made bear stuffed animal.

My concept for the character is a small girl with big eyes and yarn ball looking hair. I gave her some pretty hip clothes to break the elfish wardrobe stereotype. I like the little design on the tights and the satchel bag. More Sketches to come!

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