Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jodi Benson is so talented

Don Bluth's Thumbelina- "Let me be your wings"

I love Thumbelina.
I love the animation, the story, and the songs...oh and I love Jodi Benson (who also voiced Ariel)

Which by the way...The little mermaid on broadway was probably the most amazing musical i've ever seen. Kenny and I were like little kids in the theater even before the musical started- and we still to this day flip out that we don't talk about it enough. So i'm talking about it now.

Me in front of the theater posing candidly with this poster.



Brittni Leigh said...

you're nuts. like the good kind of nuts. that you put on ice cream.

Ashley said...

I don't put nuts on my icecream.

...because i'm plaaaaaain. lol